Welcome to the Radio Auction

Auction Air Dates: Thursday and Friday, March 14-15; noon-5pm
Stations: Kmix (106.9fm or 1580am) or WIFE (94.3fm)
Phone Lines To Bid: (765) 825-8561, (866) 843-9433, (765) 825-6411, (765) 932-3409, (765) 932-3983

We have gathered tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise for you to buy for pennies on the dollar. We are excited to save our listeners thousands of dollars!

We incorporated many features on this site to help you prepare for a successful auction. Using the menu above, you can view the items up for grabs. We divided the items into categories with large photos of the products up for bid. When you find an item you want, you can now Add It To Your Favorites. This on-going list consolidates all your favorite items.

We've also incorporated crowd sourcing features, such as allowing you to share your reviews and experiences with each product. And when viewing an item, we'll suggest other items you may like based on our listener's browsing habits.

We're excited to have you as a part of another great auction! Be sure to tune in Tuesday, March 13th through Friday, March 16th on KMix and WIFE. Good luck and happy bidding!