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3:00pm - 7:00pm
Regular Show

80s Vault

Sunday nights from 10 till midnight join Gonzo Gates for the 80s Vault. He brings you the songs you don't hear everyday and they are sure to bring back memories of the greatest decade of music ever. 

Totally Awesome 80s

Sundays from 7 am until noon join Kent Jones for 5 hours of nothing but the best of the 80s. Hear the hits and stories behind them.

Radio Health Journal

Sunday morning at 6:30 it's Radio Health Journal. A half hour spent talking about health care, research and ways to live a better life. 


Sunday morning at 6 we bring you Viewpoints. A indepth half hour look at news and events that shape our world. 

Homecoming Radio

Sunday morning at 5 join us for the Gaither Family and Homecoming Radio. It's a weekly Gaither Family Reunion with great spritual music and stories and the humor we all know and love. 

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown

Saturday mornings at 6 Rick Dees counts down the top 40 hits from a different week from the 80s. Hear the songs, interviews with the artists and Rick Dees warped sense of humor. A great way to start the weekend. 

Side Orders For Lunch

Join us Monday through Friday from 10 am until noon for 2 hours of your requests. Call the Kmix lines at 825-8561 or toll free 866-843-9433 and let us know what you want to hear. 

Friday Morning Music Party

We kick off the weekend early with the Friday Morning Music Party. It starts at 8 am with an hour of nothing but 80s hits, the 80s at 8. Then at 9 we move up a decade with 90s classics, the 90s at 9. Then at 10 we do 2 hours of your requests with Side Orders For Lunch 

Save Our Furry Friends

Thursdays after the 9 am information update we talk to the Fayette County Animal Shelter. We feature an adoptable pet and talk about ways to better take care of pets and things happening with the shelter. 

The Vault

Wednesday mornings at 9:20 Cramer opens The Vault. He plays a big hit from the 80s or 90s and then you vote on whether or not we keep playing it or put it back in The Vault. 

The Hope Center

Tuesday mornings after the 9 am information update we chat with the ladies from the Hope Center. We talk about their servies for the community, outreach programs and their various money raising projects.   

Rock News

Weekdays at 8:20 we bring you up to date on what your favorite groups or solo artists are doing. It may be a tour, new music or juicy gossip. Stay updated on the world of music daily. 


Monday through Friday after the 7:30 information update we celebrate birthdays. Call the Kmix lines at 825-8561 or toll free 866-843-9433 and add yours to our daily list. 

The Tube

Join Cramer weekday mornings at 6:20 as he looks at the daily TV listings. He gives you the good, bad and ugly and always has something interesting and somewhat sarcastic to say about what is on. 



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